NEW PLASMA TECHNOLOGIES (NTP) - a young, dynamically developing Russian company, founded in 2011, for the first project of the venture fund "Nanomet", created with the participation of RUSNANO and JSC MC "Sberinvest" for funding nanotechnology projects in the field of metallurgy - Run the application of self-lubricating wear-resistant coatings on cutting tool, and the creation of industrial production machines for applying self-lubricating wear-resistant coating.

The initiators of the project:

  1. Valery Bashkov - Ph.D., director of educational and engineering center of nanotechnology, nano- and microsystems technology MSTU NE Bauman.
  2. Anna Mironova - Deputy Director of educational and engineering Center of nanotechnology, nano- and microsystems technology MSTU NE Bauman.
  3. Alexander Dodonov - Director of ZAO "Vacuum Ion Technology"
  4. Sergey Mikhailov - Director of the Swiss company CreepService Sarl.

The main activities of "NTP" are deposition the wear-resistant coatings on cutting tools, creating anti-diffusion and biocompatible coatings on the details of the customer, as well as the design and manufacture of vacuum systems for ion-plasma coating and electron beam melting installations, cutting and welding.

NPT sees its main task in providing quality services in the field of coating. All developments are protected by international patents.

The company is actively working on the constant improvement of the quality of coatings and on the territory of our own laboratory continuously works on creation of new materials and technologies for the production of thin films.

Production is located in Moscow, on the territory of "VNIIINSTRUMENT." Employees have experience in tool making and in the coating. Therefore, we are ready to solve non-standard problems and the quality of the customer in the shortest possible time.

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